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October 9, 2016 Mr & Mrs Oman

The day started with two adjoining, music filled rooms, loaded with family, friends, and excited, giggly girls getting hair and makeup done. It was quite a sight to see. There was singing, a little dancing, lots of selfies, mirror swapping, and bobby pins and hairspray everywhere. Oh, and football…. beautified pretty ladies, cheering and yelling over football.
Why can’t everyday start this way?!

Meanwhile, i’m pretty sure a small monsoon was brewing outside.
Jenny was aware, and didn’t bat an eye. She’s a planner. She had hit up good ol’ Amazon, and ordered everyone umbrella’s to match the Wedding theme.
“If we get a little wet, we’ll survive, then we’ll dry off.”


Forward to a beautiful, love filled, ceremony, a little playing in the monsoon rain, and then straight to an amazing reception with such sweet dances, exchanges of love and well wishes, and a FABULOUS surprise dance… this couldn’t have been a better day!

57 Mr & Mrs Oman

59 Mr & Mrs Oman

58 Mr & Mrs Oman

60 Mr & Mrs Oman

61 Mr & Mrs Oman

62 Mr & Mrs Oman

63 Mr & Mrs Oman

64 Mr & Mrs Oman

651 Mr & Mrs Oman

I really consider myself fortunate to have been able to spend pretty much the entire day with Jenny, Jeff, and family.  Not only are they kind, appreciative, and genuinely concerned with the comfort and well-being of others, but some big laughs and beautiful moments were shared throughout the day. I’m so happy and grateful that I was able to experience and capture all of it along with them.

Congratulations Jeff & Jenny!

♥                              ♥                              ♥


Trinitarian Congregational Church, Norton MA

Ceremony officiated by Reverend Bernie Hinckley

Reception and Catering by Holiday Inn, Mansfield MA

Hair & Makeup by an amazing group of women from Revolutions Salon, East Bridgewater MA

DJ Victor Baruzza of Entertainment Specialists

Cake made by the Mother of the Bride

Flowers by Roche Bros

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