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Sean & Melissa are a couple more important threads in my “sweater”. (what the heck am I talking about?!  Check here.)  We met through previous clients, who were their friends, who were also related to past co-workers of mine…. the circle of life goes on!

I got to spend some time with them during an engagement session at the park where Sean had proposed, and we’ve exchanged emails and met up over the past year, leading up to this day;

Their Wedding day.

I’d checked the weather forecast about ten times the day before… each time I think it predicted a higher chance of rain than the time before.  I ran out in search of a nice umbrella and found this cool looking clear one that had a really different shape to it.  I was warming up to the idea of rainy day Wedding.  The ceremony & reception were both indoors, and if I could just sneak in a few shots outside we’d absolutely be able to make the most of it!

I woke up the next morning, and first thing, I checked the weather; silently praying that thunderstorms or something had been added the the forecast through the night!  The rain prediction was all but gone!  Slim to none!  The morning was wet & dreary, but it was supposed to just get better & better!

It did just that!

DSC 5313 1024x678 Not a raindrop in sight!

What a beautiful day to be Married!

I’m so grateful to have been able to be a part of this day!  It was so much fun from start to finish!

From hanging out with Sean & his Groomsmen,

1 853x1024 Not a raindrop in sight!

rushing to get to Melissa and her Bridesmaids,

4 Not a raindrop in sight!

enjoying a beautiful ceremony,

DSC 53971 1024x557 Not a raindrop in sight!

following the Limo to the reception while it bounced (especially at that red light!) to the beat of the music,

laughing and attempting to pull off some acrobatics during our time for “formals”,

DSC 5678 1 1024x627 Not a raindrop in sight!

quieter moments,

3 Not a raindrop in sight!

DSC 5776 678x1024 Not a raindrop in sight!

heartfelt toasts by the Maid of Honor & Best Man (complete with a lesson on “Bro-mance”),

Bouquet & Garter tosses, cake cutting, Mother/Son-Father/Daughter moments,

dancing, dancing, dancing…

SO much fun & dancing, Icouldn’t possibly share it all!

A wonderful time was absolutely had by all!

DSC 6233 1024x535 Not a raindrop in sight!

Congratulations to the both of you!

Thank you for letting me be a part of such a special day in your lives!

Special Thanks to:

John Zucco from Entertainment Specialists for keeping everyone on the dance floor and having fun!
It was great working with you again!

Dick Osso from Digital Video Productions.
It was great to meet you & a pleasure to work with you!

The Halifax Country Club and all of their helpful staff.

St Mary’s Church of Plymouth and Father Schatzel

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