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Today’s Blog catch-up brings us a familiar face on the Blog, website, and even Facebook of LmZ! I met this little guy as a little baby bump, and have had the pleasure of capturing him grow for two years now! He’s 2!

I know! I can’t believe it either!

DSC 6935 1024x536 They just dont stop growing up!


This guy had an itinerary for the day…and I’m not sure I was on it, unless I was assisting in feeding the animals! Though he did pause to show me his muscles… kind of out of nowhere… and I did get some sneaky smiles and some eye contact with those baby blues!

I’ll take it!

DSC 6935 1 1024x512 They just dont stop growing up!


What else is so awesome about catching up with the most handsome 2 year old at the local farm?

DSC 6935 2 1024x512 They just dont stop growing up!


Being photo-bombed by a sheep! Ha!

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