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JP & Ashley were such an easygoing couple to work with.

The rain may have foiled their original plan, but they were ready to roll with it and make adjustments as needed.
The results of such, were amazing.

A room full of smiles the whole way through…
and in the words of JP, “Is it already over?!”

60 Mr & Mrs Laugelle   A Jones River Wedding

61 Mr & Mrs Laugelle   A Jones River Wedding

62 Mr & Mrs Laugelle   A Jones River Wedding

63 Mr & Mrs Laugelle   A Jones River Wedding

67 Mr & Mrs Laugelle   A Jones River Wedding

64 Mr & Mrs Laugelle   A Jones River Wedding

65 Mr & Mrs Laugelle   A Jones River Wedding

66 Mr & Mrs Laugelle   A Jones River Wedding

♥                              ♥                              ♥

Congratulations JP & Ashley!!
Time flies when you’re having fun! Savor the moments.

Thanks so much for choosing me to capture this day for you.

Jones River Trading, Kingston MA

Plymouth Bay Catering

Justice of the Peace Jason Luciano

DJ Adam MacNeil

Makeup by GLOW in Braintree MA

Photo Booth, Rachel Morgan from XO Photo

Bridal gown from Eric Dress

Bridesmaids dresses from David’s Bridal

Suits from Jos.A.Bank and Men’s Warehouse

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The morning of Peter and Keri’s Wedding day was beautiful. Sunshiny skies with a slight balmy breeze… the kind of weather that makes everyone say, “It’s a beautiful day to get married!”
Just a couple of hours short of the ceremony, those same beautiful skies opened right up in a giant torrential downpour…. of luck? That’s what they say, right?!
These guys just laughed about how ironic it was.

…a little too ironic…

The love, laughter and beauty of this day would not be affected by the weather, and that fact was apparent from the very start.

♥                             ♥                              ♥

23 Mr & Mrs Carducci   A Jones River Wedding

24 Mr & Mrs Carducci   A Jones River Wedding

21 Mr & Mrs Carducci   A Jones River Wedding

22 Mr & Mrs Carducci   A Jones River Wedding

25 Mr & Mrs Carducci   A Jones River Wedding

26 Mr & Mrs Carducci   A Jones River Wedding

27 Mr & Mrs Carducci   A Jones River Wedding

♥                              ♥                               ♥

Congratulations Peter & Keri!
Enjoy your sneak peek!


Jones River Trading, Kingston MA

DJ Scott events

Ceremony officiated by Lloyd Rosenberg

Photo booth by FrameUsPhoto

Cake by Piece of Cake

Flowers by The Candy Jar and Stop and Shop

Hair by Mane Event

Make up done by Make up by Nikki

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The skies cleared up, and the sun even came out to celebrate the day with Tim and Stephanie.
A perfect day, filled with smiling faces, happy tears, and words of gratitude, love, reflection and admiration. I felt fortunate to have been able to catch it all.

Stephanie took a moment before the ceremony to have an official “first look” with her Dad. They did a great job holding back tears, but they’re faces remained a dead giveaway of the emotional moment.
Emotional faces were a reoccurring theme of the day, as Tim and Stephanie exchanged smiles and meaningful glances through their ceremony, and laughed with one another throughout their first dance.

♥                              ♥                              ♥

11 Mr & Mrs Green   A Jones River Wedding

12 Mr & Mrs Green   A Jones River Wedding

13 Mr & Mrs Green   A Jones River Wedding

14 1024x512 Mr & Mrs Green   A Jones River Wedding

15 Mr & Mrs Green   A Jones River Wedding

16 Mr & Mrs Green   A Jones River Wedding

17 Mr & Mrs Green   A Jones River Wedding

18 Mr & Mrs Green   A Jones River Wedding

19 Mr & Mrs Green   A Jones River Wedding

20 Mr & Mrs Green   A Jones River Wedding

♥                              ♥                              ♥

Congratulations Tim & Stephanie!

Jones River Trading

Ceremony Officiated by Cheryl G. Kutzy, Justice of the peace

Flowers by The Candy Jar

Cake by Piece of Cake

First dance by Paul Colarusso

DJ Scott Ripatrazone

Bride’s Dress from Clever Bride Consignments

Hair by Michelle Bourgeois of Maggie’s Hair etc. in Middleboro, MA

Tuxes from Men’s Warehouse

Transportation by Pro Limo

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October 10, 2015 Cloherty Wedding

The day started out with nervous jitters all around!

Everything was going according to plan, all the details had been thought of and the day couldn’t have been more beautiful. Still, nothing was going to calm this pair until the moment they were able to meet eyes, finally exhale, and say their “I do’s”.
{insert our own ‘waiting to exhale’ joke here}

 That’s exactly what happened too. You could nearly feel all the nerves and anxiety of the day slowly just melt away with smiles as they met each other at the altar.

501 1024x512 Cloherty Wedding

511 1024x512 Cloherty Wedding

54 1024x512 Cloherty Wedding


55 1024x512 Cloherty Wedding

We made a mad dash after the ceremony, trying to catch the last of the sun, and maybe even a little sunset.
These two wanted it just as badly as I did though, so they dashed along with me, and we laughed throughout the rush, and got exactly what we wanted, in record time!


52 1024x512 Cloherty Wedding

57 1024x703 Cloherty Wedding

56 1024x512 Cloherty Wedding

It was sincerely such a pleasure to have been able to capture this day!

Congratulations Matty & Kristen!


St. Joseph’s Parish, Kingston MA

Jones River Trading, Kingston MA

Catering by Plymouth Bay Catering

DJ Scott from JAG Music & Entertainment

Cake by Judy from Piece of Cake,Plymouth

Flowers by Sue Sue’s Petals, Kingston

Hair by Jill Berry of Makeovers Salon & Spa, S. Easton MA

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August 28, 2015 Hosford Wedding

I almost forgot to share this, as Zach & Mackenzie (& guests)  had already viewed their sneak peek during their Wedding reception! Everyone needs some Blog time though!
…and why not throw in a few more!

Zach & Mackenzie are adorable, and are surrounded by some pretty awesome people as well.

Wedding day preparations had such a calmness about them. Just a bunch of cool people, hanging out & looking their best! All the planning and details were taken care of, right down to the notes of thanks on both mothers arm cuffs!

23 1024x512 Hosford Wedding

Not only did the entire day go off without a single hitch (which is pretty much unheard of…), but it was such a great time to capture. The stories shared, the laughs, the words of kindness and appreciation, the love and excitement….

Gahhhhh!! THIS is why I love Weddings!

33 1024x595 Hosford Wedding

29 1024x512 Hosford Wedding

25 1024x512 Hosford Wedding

32 1024x678 Hosford Wedding

36 1024x512 Hosford Wedding

38 1024x678 Hosford Wedding

♥          ♥          ♥          ♥

Congratulations Zach & Mackenzie!


Holy Family Parish, Duxbury MA

Jones River Trading, Kingston MA

Dj Spike Entertainment

Flowers by Flair Floral, Plymouth, MA

Cupcake Charlie’s, Plymouth MA

Hair by Mane Event

Makeup by Makeup by Nikki

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June 21, 2014 Murphy Wedding

Warning! Image overshare is about to happen! I just couldn’t stop!


♥                    ♥                    ♥

Mark and Ashley’s Wedding Day was beautiful.

Spring decided to be be kind and fill the sky with warmth and abundant sunshine to celebrate the day. The Jones River Trade went through it’s usual transformation, this time looking so beautifully shabby chic, with burlap, a little sparkle, and flowers galore.

Mark and Ashley both had their fair share of nerves, but you could practically see it all melt away as they met eyes down the aisle. Vows were exchanged outside in front of a beautifully decorated mantle, while tearful, happy mamas dabbed at their eyes. Love was truly in the air, and it was beautiful to capture.

Need I say it again?

It was truly a beautiful day, from beginning to end.

6 1024x512 Murphy Wedding

7 1024x512 Murphy Wedding

8 1024x512 Murphy Wedding

9 1024x512 Murphy Wedding

10 1024x512 Murphy Wedding

11 1024x512 Murphy Wedding

12 1024x554 Murphy Wedding

13 1024x512 Murphy Wedding

Congratulations Mark & Ashley!
Wishing you a long life of love and happiness together!

♥                    ♥                    ♥

Cake by Guilty Bakery

Flowers by Beach Plum Floral

DJ Sean Degan of Cape Tunes

Ceremony and Reception at the Jones River Trading

Catering by Plymouth Bay Catering

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February 25, 2014 Caramello Wedding

To say this Blog post is way overdue, is the understatement of the year!

Meeting deadlines is one of my pet peeves, but in November/December, with all the normal reasons for being busy, I also had wedding editing, album creations, and family Christmas sessions – my plate was FULL! So I chose to get the actual full Gallery done on time, and forgo the sneak peek – and these two were so awesome and patient about it!!

Everyone deserves their time to shine on the LmZ Blog though, so better late than never!

♥        ♥        ♥

Anthony and Allison’s Wedding day was beautiful. Really, whole day was absolutely beautiful.

There’s nothing like being on my end, watching all the little things that makes a person’s wedding day play out so perfectly and lovingly… if I wasn’t already a hopeless romantic, photographing weddings would have certainly fixed that for me! ♥

The proud, almost teary eyed looks from father to daughter, looks of admiration and encouragement from sister to sister, that look, from the groom to his bride, where his eyes are doing more smiling than his face could ever manage…..  The willingness of everyone around, to help in whatever way they can to ensure a perfect, stress free day, and an overall feeling of complete and total love, happiness and support….

That’s the best description I can think of for Anthony & Allison’s Wedding Day.

a 1024x512 Caramello Wedding

a1 1024x512 Caramello Wedding

a3 copy Caramello Wedding

a2 1024x512 Caramello Wedding

a4 1024x512 Caramello Wedding

a5 1024x694 Caramello Wedding

a6 1024x512 Caramello Wedding

Smiles and laughter filled the day from beginning to end.

Such a wonderful day shared with an amazing group of family and friends is the perfect way to start a new journey as husband and wife!

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Caramello!

♥          ♥          ♥


Church of the Pilgrimage, Plymouth MA

Jones River Trading, Kingston MA

Plymouth Bay Catering, Kingston MA

DJ Doug Folsom, Weymouth MA

The Wandering Florist, Hanover MA

Piece of Cake, Plymouth MA

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September 14, 2013 McDonough Wedding

What can I say about Lindsey & Mike’s Wedding?

Well, Lindsey and Mike…. and I, were meant to be.

Ok, so some might argue that it’s just Lindsey and Mike who were really meant to be…and those people are probably pretty accurate! However, from the beautifully done rustic theme, to the Pinterest planning and idea boards, the flowers, the cake, the personalized little details, my favorite venue…. oh, & and the Irish music – I think I fell in love a little bit too!

11 1024x512 McDonough Wedding

The day was beautiful, and so was the Bride and all of her Bridesmaids! Capturing the thoughtful details that went into the preparation of the day was too easy, as Lindsey and her mother had even planned ahead for that; moving furniture and all!


12 1024x512 McDonough Wedding

Mike’s grin was ear to ear the moment he saw his Bride, and Lindsey’s nerves seemed to vanish to a radiant smile as soon as she was able to locked eyes with him. Her giggles during the ceremony only added another (however unplanned) personal touch to their Wedding day.


13 1024x512 McDonough Wedding

Nearing the end of their first dance as husband and wife, both sets of parents walked up to them on the dance floor, and, in group hug formation, and slowly danced with them for just a minute or two. This small, simple gesture, had me nearly in tears! Just an amazing showing of love and support, in such a simple and perfect way.


10 1024x512 McDonough Wedding


Mike & Lindsey are a beautiful couple, who’s love seems to fill the room. They also have an amazing group of family & friends.

I can’t think of a better way to start off a marriage!



14 1024x512 McDonough Wedding


Congratulations Mr & Mrs McDonough!


Ceremony: Church of the Holy Ghost, Whitman MA

Reception: Jones River Trading, Kingston MA

Dj: Frank Hawe’s DJ Services

Catering: Plymouth Bay Catering

Cake: Montilio’s Bakery, Brockton MA

Flowers: Celebrations by Kathleen, Whitman MA

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August 23, 2013 Healy Wedding

“What a beautiful day to be married!”

I can’t count how many times I heard this exclaimed, with huge smiles, as family & friends eagerly waited to watch Ben & Jen say their “I do’s” and become husband & wife.

Ben & Jen’s ceremony and reception were absolutely beautiful. Filled throughout with personal touches, and heartfelt sentiments, and of course, ear to ear smiles throughout the entire day; even through some happy tears… it couldn’t have been a more perfect day.


11 1024x512 Healy Wedding



2 1024x512 Healy Wedding



41 1024x685 Healy Wedding




51 1024x512 Healy Wedding



72 1024x628 Healy Wedding




8 copy Healy Wedding



61 1024x564 Healy Wedding


Ben & Jen, it was such a privilege to be able to capture your Wedding Day for you!
I wish you both a long & happy marriage!! Congratulations!


♥        ♥        ♥



It’s all in the details:

Swift Memorial United Methodist Church, Sagamore Beach, MA

Jones River Trading, Kingston, MA

Plymouth Bay Catering, Kingston, MA

DJ Erik Sperl, New England Area

Cupcake Charlie’s, Plymouth MA

S&S Florist, Kingston MA


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July 26, 2012 Shepherd Wedding

This wedding felt like a long time coming (for me anyway, & I’m just the photographer! Ha!), then suddenly -BAM!- it was wedding day! Woohoo!

I’d met with Nancy about a year ago to sip some coffee, get to know eachother, and discuss her wedding vision and plans. Really, she had me with just the mention of her venue. Well, that and coffee… but mostly the venue; The Jones River Trading. LOOOOOOVE IT!

Soon after I met Peter and their two little cuties for a ‘Save the Date’ session. We emailed back and forth throughout the year, I may have Pinterest stalked her a bit, and then we met again a couple weeks before the wedding to go over final details. So much thoughtful planning and preparation went into this day & I just couldn’t wait to get my camera on all the action!

The day started early, but time just flew! Nancy & the girls got ready at her parents house. The neighborhood that watched her grow up and grew up with her, all seem to all be anxiously awaiting wedding time!
Luckily, good company is the perfect way to pass the time!

The Jones River was beautiful as always…

1 1024x568 Shepherd Wedding

….and that cake? Ahh-Mayyyy-Zing!

2 1024x509 Shepherd Wedding

Peter was excited to see his bride, and Nancy was excited to finally be his Mrs! ♥

The little ones…. I think they were just excited for the big party & everyone in fancy clothes!

Tears were shed, “I do’s” were said, there was a kiss… and we all went outside to celebrate!

3 copy1 1024x832 Shepherd Wedding

The entire wedding party were ready for some fun. Organized fun in front of the camera? Well, that may not have been what everyone had in mind… but they rallied for Peter & Nacy’s sake, got some fun shots, got a little goofy, and had some good laughs throughout.

What more can a girl with a camera ask for?

4 1024x512 Shepherd Wedding

Well, besides this?!?

The dance floor was HUGE, but DJ Gene DuPuis played what they wanted to hear, and kept it full throughout the entire night! Friends and family didn’t need any kind of coercion to dance the night away!


Congratulations Peter & Nancy!

Thank you for letting me be a part of this important day in your lives! It was a blast, and we should totally do it again! Vow renewals? Like, every year? ;)


Ceremony & reception @ Jones River Trading in Kingston, MA

Music and entertainment by 
DJ Gene DuPuis

Flowers by The Candy Jar in Pembroke, MA

Cake by Kim Torchio - Head chef & manager at the bakery at the 
Marina Bay Marketplace

Hair by Charlene Standish and Jen Guilford

Make-up by Jillian Harwich of 
Make-up by Jillian


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