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The skies cleared up, and the sun even came out to celebrate the day with Tim and Stephanie.
A perfect day, filled with smiling faces, happy tears, and words of gratitude, love, reflection and admiration. I felt fortunate to have been able to catch it all.

Stephanie took a moment before the ceremony to have an official “first look” with her Dad. They did a great job holding back tears, but they’re faces remained a dead giveaway of the emotional moment.
Emotional faces were a reoccurring theme of the day, as Tim and Stephanie exchanged smiles and meaningful glances through their ceremony, and laughed with one another throughout their first dance.

♥                              ♥                              ♥

11 Mr & Mrs Green   A Jones River Wedding

12 Mr & Mrs Green   A Jones River Wedding

13 Mr & Mrs Green   A Jones River Wedding

14 1024x512 Mr & Mrs Green   A Jones River Wedding

15 Mr & Mrs Green   A Jones River Wedding

16 Mr & Mrs Green   A Jones River Wedding

17 Mr & Mrs Green   A Jones River Wedding

18 Mr & Mrs Green   A Jones River Wedding

19 Mr & Mrs Green   A Jones River Wedding

20 Mr & Mrs Green   A Jones River Wedding

♥                              ♥                              ♥

Congratulations Tim & Stephanie!

Jones River Trading

Ceremony Officiated by Cheryl G. Kutzy, Justice of the peace

Flowers by The Candy Jar

Cake by Piece of Cake

First dance by Paul Colarusso

DJ Scott Ripatrazone

Bride’s Dress from Clever Bride Consignments

Hair by Michelle Bourgeois of Maggie’s Hair etc. in Middleboro, MA

Tuxes from Men’s Warehouse

Transportation by Pro Limo

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May 20, 2017 Mr & Mrs Bearisto

I’m so happy to have had the opportunity to capture Andrew & Lindsay’s Wedding day.

The sun was shining, weather perfect… Add in a stunning Bride, handsome Groom, and the cutest little girl and little boy, who absolutely could not have been more excited to take part in the Wedding day festivities….
What more can you ask for?!

1 Mr & Mrs Bearisto

2 Mr & Mrs Bearisto

3 Mr & Mrs Bearisto

4 Mr & Mrs Bearisto

5 Mr & Mrs Bearisto

6 Mr & Mrs Bearisto

7 Mr & Mrs Bearisto

8 Mr & Mrs Bearisto

9 Mr & Mrs Bearisto

10 Mr & Mrs Bearisto

♥                               ♥                              ♥

What an amazing day!!
Congratulations Andrew & Lindsay!

Corpus Christi Parish, E. Sandwich MA

Daniel Webster Inn, Sandwich MA

DJ C.J. Diamond of Ace of Diamonds Entertainment

Wilde Flowers Florist, Plymouth MA

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A New Year’s Eve Wedding

Anyone considering a winter wedding should really get married on New Year’s Eve. Just saying.

Ann & David really made this day their own. From the beautiful floral arrangements done by Ann & her sister, to the wedding party made up of the couple’s children, niece and nephew….  every detail was clearly thought of and carefully planned.

Happy tears were shed through a heartfelt ceremony, speeches by each of their sons expressed love, happiness, admiration, and humor, and throughout the entire evening, the biggest smiles in the room were on the faces of Ann & David.

The moment the dance floor was open these party people filled it right up, and remained there all the way into the new year.

♥                    ♥                    ♥

b11 Mr & Mrs Ferrari   A NYE Wedding

b21 Mr & Mrs Ferrari   A NYE Wedding

b4 Mr & Mrs Ferrari   A NYE Wedding

b5 Mr & Mrs Ferrari   A NYE Wedding

b6 Mr & Mrs Ferrari   A NYE Wedding

b7 Mr & Mrs Ferrari   A NYE Wedding

b8 Mr & Mrs Ferrari   A NYE Wedding

b10 Mr & Mrs Ferrari   A NYE Wedding

b9 Mr & Mrs Ferrari   A NYE Wedding

♥                                        ♥                                       ♥                                        ♥


Ceremony, Reception & Catering by the Holiday Inn, Taunton MA

Spinn Production, Al Martinez

Flowers by Ann & Kerry Cox

Ceremony officiant David Cox

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October 9, 2016 Mr & Mrs Oman

The day started with two adjoining, music filled rooms, loaded with family, friends, and excited, giggly girls getting hair and makeup done. It was quite a sight to see. There was singing, a little dancing, lots of selfies, mirror swapping, and bobby pins and hairspray everywhere. Oh, and football…. beautified pretty ladies, cheering and yelling over football.
Why can’t everyday start this way?!

Meanwhile, i’m pretty sure a small monsoon was brewing outside.
Jenny was aware, and didn’t bat an eye. She’s a planner. She had hit up good ol’ Amazon, and ordered everyone umbrella’s to match the Wedding theme.
“If we get a little wet, we’ll survive, then we’ll dry off.”


Forward to a beautiful, love filled, ceremony, a little playing in the monsoon rain, and then straight to an amazing reception with such sweet dances, exchanges of love and well wishes, and a FABULOUS surprise dance… this couldn’t have been a better day!

57 Mr & Mrs Oman

59 Mr & Mrs Oman

58 Mr & Mrs Oman

60 Mr & Mrs Oman

61 Mr & Mrs Oman

62 Mr & Mrs Oman

63 Mr & Mrs Oman

64 Mr & Mrs Oman

651 Mr & Mrs Oman

I really consider myself fortunate to have been able to spend pretty much the entire day with Jenny, Jeff, and family.  Not only are they kind, appreciative, and genuinely concerned with the comfort and well-being of others, but some big laughs and beautiful moments were shared throughout the day. I’m so happy and grateful that I was able to experience and capture all of it along with them.

Congratulations Jeff & Jenny!

♥                              ♥                              ♥


Trinitarian Congregational Church, Norton MA

Ceremony officiated by Reverend Bernie Hinckley

Reception and Catering by Holiday Inn, Mansfield MA

Hair & Makeup by an amazing group of women from Revolutions Salon, East Bridgewater MA

DJ Victor Baruzza of Entertainment Specialists

Cake made by the Mother of the Bride

Flowers by Roche Bros

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Camping, well, Glamping, and dancing and Weddings….
These are a few of my favorite things!!

I loooove a good campy Wedding!! Let’s have more!

Tim & Jenna’s Wedding day location payed homage to the groom’s family vacation locale, also a favorite activity for the couple, while also taking the opportunity to get married in and be surrounded by such picturesque scenery! Brilliant & beautiful!

Heartfelt, handmade touches could be seen throughout, from the jewelry that Jenna, her Bridesmaids and flower girl wore, to the decor done by family, right down to the cake & cupcakes made by a cousin! Beautiful things just seem all that much more beautiful, when made by family and loved ones…

Of all the beautiful, noteworthy things and moments in Tim & Jenna’s Wedding day, the one that stood out the most is their connection. During their ceremony, and every dance they shared, these two would lock eyes, and it’s like you could see the rest just fade away. It was just the two of them, celebrating their love together… It was beautiful.

52 Mr & Mrs Seaton   A Pinewood Lodge Wedding

51 Mr & Mrs Seaton   A Pinewood Lodge Wedding

55 Mr & Mrs Seaton   A Pinewood Lodge Wedding

50 Mr & Mrs Seaton   A Pinewood Lodge Wedding

49 Mr & Mrs Seaton   A Pinewood Lodge Wedding

56 Mr & Mrs Seaton   A Pinewood Lodge Wedding

53 Mr & Mrs Seaton   A Pinewood Lodge Wedding

54 Mr & Mrs Seaton   A Pinewood Lodge Wedding

♥                              ♥                               ♥

Tim & Jenna, it was such a pleasure capturing your Wedding day!



Pinewood Lodge, Plymouth MA

Catered by Dale Bishop’s Pig Pickin

DJ Scott Reiniche of Pro Sound Entertainment

Flowers by Cindy Dougherty

Cake & Cupcakes by Amy Houghton

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I’m not sure how I always get so lucky with such amazing, kind, and thoughtful Bride & Grooms. I seriously get all of the sweetest ones! No complaints here!

Andres & Ashley were certainly no exception to this lucky streak of mine!
Ashley was such a quiet, kind and agreeable Bride. I think she was just ready to marry her man! All the rest were just happy details at that point. Andres’ first words when I walked into his room were, “how is she?”.

The apples didn’t fall far; both Andres & Ashley’s family were so kind and accommodating as well. Someone was always helping someone else out. Knowing smiles, congratulatory remarks and welcomes were generously passed along throughout the day. It was clear that they weren’t just happy to celebrate Andres & Ashley’s love for each other, but also the fact that their families had each now grown immensely through this marriage.

After a sweet ceremony where vows and great beaming smiles were exchanged, along with the ‘I do’s’, of course, the couple and I headed through areas of downtown Plymouth together by trolley. Our upbeat trolley driver gave us a brief history lesson as we traveled to a few favorite scenic stops. It was a great way to get around!

When we returned, not only was the night started off with some heartfelt speeches and touching parent dances, but the couple also brought in some extra entertainment for their guests… some very special dancers; a Colombian folkloric dance group. They were a hit, and definitely got the evening dancing off to a great start!

25 1024x512 Mr&Mrs Diossa Nichols: an East Bay Grille Wedding

26 1024x512 Mr&Mrs Diossa Nichols: an East Bay Grille Wedding

27 1024x512 Mr&Mrs Diossa Nichols: an East Bay Grille Wedding

29 1024x683 Mr&Mrs Diossa Nichols: an East Bay Grille Wedding

28 1024x683 Mr&Mrs Diossa Nichols: an East Bay Grille Wedding

31 1024x512 Mr&Mrs Diossa Nichols: an East Bay Grille Wedding

30 1024x512 Mr&Mrs Diossa Nichols: an East Bay Grille Wedding

32 1024x682 Mr&Mrs Diossa Nichols: an East Bay Grille Wedding

♥                              ♥                              ♥

Andres & Ashley, it was such a pleasure to capture your Wedding day!

East Bay Grille, Plymouth MA

Ceremony officiated by Justice Carol Roberts

DJ Emilita from Entertainment Specialists

Bajucol Ballet Folklorico Colombiano, Boston MA

Nolan’s Flowers, Attleboro MA

Piece of cake, Plymouth MA

Hair & Makeup by A. Hartley; hair and makeup artistry

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Michael and Mallory are two of the nicest people you’d ever want to come across. Both could be found, throughout the day, checking in on or tending to guests and family, or happily dancing with their daughter and nephew. Throughout the day Mallory would tell her daughter, Emily,  “This is your day. You’re the princess.”, and even followed through on a promise to let her wear her veil once the ceremony was over. Emily, however, proudly made sure that everyone knew that her mommy was the prettiest girl of the day.


After a ceremony with some nervous giggles, and a shaky attempt at some group photos on the dock (Eek!), the reception was started off on the right foot with Emily joining in on the couple’s first dance. So sweet!

Friends and family were happy to get on the dance floor in celebration of this sweet couple, and a fantastic evening was had by all!

Michael & Mallory, congratulations and thanks for choosing me to capture this amazing day for you guys!

♥                         ♥                         ♥

24 1024x512 Mr & Mrs Nista; A Camp Bournedale Wedding

20 1024x512 Mr & Mrs Nista; A Camp Bournedale Wedding

21 1024x512 Mr & Mrs Nista; A Camp Bournedale Wedding

22 1024x683 Mr & Mrs Nista; A Camp Bournedale Wedding

23 1024x511 Mr & Mrs Nista; A Camp Bournedale Wedding

♥                              ♥                              ♥

Camp Bournedale, Plymouth MA

Piece of Cake, Plymouth MA

Flowers by Stop & Shop’s Florist, Plymouth MA

DJ’ed by Ra-Mu & the Crew

Videography by Wicked Good Videos

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May 28, 2016 Garcia Wedding

On the warmest and most beautiful day in May,
I had the pleasure of capturing José and Diana’s Wedding day.

We Started the day off with a first look at Plymouth’s own, Yacht Club.
Not only were we all thrilled when the ocean tossed us a nice breeze, but also thankful to be able to rotate Bride, Groom and wedding party in and out of the air conditioning in the club between shots.

Far better than the relief from the heat, however, was the look on José’s face when he first saw his Bride.
Just completely overwhelmed and awestruck…..by his stunningly beautiful Bride.

The day continued on with tears, smiles, and laughter throughout. So many quiet, smiley moments, quickly turned into quiet smiley tears… and stories of the love and admiration for these two were just overwhelming. The love and support for both José & Diana not only filled the room, but was bursting at the seams.

Once all the formalities were done, and the tears wiped away, this group danced. Like whoa.
If there was a group dance that they didn’t do, I’d be surprised! It was hilarious and awesome, and made me wish I took more than just still shots. The dance floor was consistently full of the perfect combination of skilled, goofy, and fun dance moves.
The perfect way to end such a beautiful and momentous day!

José & Diana, I am so grateful to have been able to capture your Wedding Day for you.
I wish you an abundance of love and happiness for many, many years to come!

14 1024x512 Garcia Wedding

15 1024x512 Garcia Wedding

16 1024x512 Garcia Wedding

17 1024x512 Garcia Wedding

18 1024x512 Garcia Wedding

19 1024x678 Garcia Wedding

♥                              ♥                              ♥

Cold Spring Chapel, Plymouth MA

Plymouth Yacht Club, Plymouth MA

Catering by Alden Park,  Plymouth MA

DJ Scott Events

White’s Bakery, Brockton MA

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