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If love could be measured in smiles, dimples, and sparkly happy eyes, these two would be off the charts!

It was such a pleasure to be able to capture this day for Matt & Sarah.

While they both excitedly prepared for the day, family swooped in and out and all around, helping, fetching, ‘oohing, and ahhing’, and sharing in the excitement. Nieces and Nephews could be found darting about, sneaking candy and trying not to get caught; only they were always caught, and warned that messiness had to wait until after the kiss!
They tried…

Once everyone was all glammed up, they headed to a nearby park for a much anticipated first look!
A long walk across a bridge with a slew of congratulations from passers by, would finally lead Sarah to her eager, soon to be husband.
The smiles these two have when they see each other is the stuff they strive to recreate in movies. You can’t help but smile right along with them.  ♥

The ceremony followed suit with beaming, adoring faces, and some emotional, happy tears from some sweet, sweet little men. Matt & Sarah locked eyes and said such loving and confident ‘I do’s’, nobody could fault anyone for shedding a happy tear or two!

43 Mr & Mrs Matthew & Sarah Mann

48 1024x512 Mr & Mrs Matthew & Sarah Mann

44 Mr & Mrs Matthew & Sarah Mann

45 Mr & Mrs Matthew & Sarah Mann

46 1024x512 Mr & Mrs Matthew & Sarah Mann

♥                              ♥                              ♥

Congratulations Matt & Sarah!
May the love you shared this day, continue to grow with every passing year together.

The Emerald Hall, Abington, MA

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