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November 14, 2012 Hudgins Wedding

Can I just tell you my favorite part of a wedding ceremony?

Rachel and Stuart’s Wedding Ceremony definitely highlighted this one;

That moment, when the Groom’s face goes from nervous and uncomfortable, ‘there’s too many people looking at me‘, to an excited, calm, ‘there she is, let’s do this!‘ when he finally sees his Bride. It’s that unspoken love that gets me every time!

Storyboard 20x10 template VHV 1024x512 Hudgins Wedding

Rachel and Stuart are not only a gorgeous couple, but they have a son who was the cutest little red headed, tux wearing, ring bearer ever! He was so proud to walk down that isle to meet his Dad, that he barely noticed the pews filled with people! It was adorable.

Storyboard 20x10 template VVVV 1024x512 Hudgins Wedding

Rachel’s two little sisters were flower girls as well, and not only were they the cutest little precisely focused petal droppers, but they were a huge help in occupying and distracting little Mr ring bearer when needed!

After a beautiful ceremony, I whisked them all away for some cameo’s before the reception.

Storyboard 20x10 template VVVV2 1024x512 Hudgins Wedding

Storyboard 20x10 template VVVV3 1024x469 Hudgins Wedding


DSC 7466 1 1024x678 Hudgins Wedding

Then they were off to celebrate!

Storyboard 20x10 template VVVV4 1024x1024 Hudgins Wedding

…and celebrate they did!

A beautiful wedding ceremony, followed by such a fun and equally beautiful reception – what more could you ask for?!

Rachel and Stu, it was an honor to be able to capture such an amazing day in the start of your lives together.

Thank you!

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October 29, 2012 Craft Wedding

I can’t even find my own words to describe how beautiful Jay & Jen’s Wedding Day was. Upon meeting to talk and discuss wedding plans, Jen described her wedding vision as;

a warm, colorful, burst of leaves and pumpkins and all that is great about Fall

With so much involvement in the decor, and so many homemade touches everywhere, Jen was determined to make that vision came to life.  That they did, and it was beautiful!

DSC 6438 2 1024x568 Craft Wedding

(Cake by Sugar Plum Bakery, Flowers by The Candy Jar)

Of course, there were some people that helped to make this such a beautiful day too…

DSC 6157 1 1024x678 Craft Wedding

Deciding to meet before the ceremony for photos together and with family, not only gave Jen & Jay a shorter, more private photo opportunity immediately following their ceremony, but also took the edge off a little before the “i do’s”!

DSC 6293 1 1024x678 Craft Wedding

I should mention, the decor, certainly wasn’t where the beauty and personalization of this wedding day ended…

From hand made wedding bands by the groom, an unplanned personal escort down the isle for the flower girl, a heart felt speech from childhood friend/best man, Mommy & me dancing, and singing by Jay, as well as his eldest daughter, this wedding was bursting at the seems with not just pretty things an pretty people, but love, and a real family bond. You could feel it.

DSC 6438 3 Craft Wedding

Jay & Jen, thank you so much for choosing me to capture such a special day in your lives for you!

Enjoy your sneak peek!

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October 14, 2012 Coville Wedding

I recently photographed the Wedding of Mike & Jenn.

We’d met a few weeks before the wedding, and I just couldn’t wait to see in person all the special touches both Mike, Jenn, and family had done in preparation for this day.

The church was beautiful, filled with friends and family and a groom beaming from ear to ear at the sight of his bride to be!

DSC 4906 21 1024x512 Coville Wedding

Pictures after the ceremony were fun, fast, and easy!!  Everyone was ready to par-taaaaayyyyy!

DSC 4906 3 1024x512 Coville WeddingAnd party they did!  Mike and Jenn were joined by friends and family on the dance floor all night long!

DSC 4906 4 1024x1020 Coville Wedding

The perfect end to a perfect day!


Ceremony at St Peter’s Church

by Father Williams

Music by DJ Jeff Baker

& special thanks to all of Mike & Jen’s friends and family who helped in the preparation for this day!

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September 25, 2012 Spataro Wedding

Have I mentioned lately how much I love weddings?

Matt & Kerin’s beach-side Falmouth Wedding was certainly no exception!

The day was just perfection, from start to finish!

From the adorable Cape home where all the girls gathered to get ready…

the flowers, the dress…

DSC 3317 Spataro Wedding

their beautiful ceremony on the beach…

DSC 3483 1024x516 Spataro Wedding

quality time with the VIP’s;

a great mix of  friends & family, and friends that are like  family…

DSC 3562 1024x1020 Spataro Wedding

great music, food, guests…

& a whole lotta dancing!

DSC 4187 2 1024x941 Spataro Wedding

What an amazing day!

Matt & Kerin, thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of such a special day in your lives!


The Details:

Ceremony & Reception:
The Falmouth Yacht Club

Beautiful Flowers:
Roche Bothers 

Party Starter:
DJ Joe Dupuis from In Tune Productions

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July 26, 2012 Shepherd Wedding

This wedding felt like a long time coming (for me anyway, & I’m just the photographer! Ha!), then suddenly -BAM!- it was wedding day! Woohoo!

I’d met with Nancy about a year ago to sip some coffee, get to know eachother, and discuss her wedding vision and plans. Really, she had me with just the mention of her venue. Well, that and coffee… but mostly the venue; The Jones River Trading. LOOOOOOVE IT!

Soon after I met Peter and their two little cuties for a ‘Save the Date’ session. We emailed back and forth throughout the year, I may have Pinterest stalked her a bit, and then we met again a couple weeks before the wedding to go over final details. So much thoughtful planning and preparation went into this day & I just couldn’t wait to get my camera on all the action!

The day started early, but time just flew! Nancy & the girls got ready at her parents house. The neighborhood that watched her grow up and grew up with her, all seem to all be anxiously awaiting wedding time!
Luckily, good company is the perfect way to pass the time!

The Jones River was beautiful as always…

1 1024x568 Shepherd Wedding

….and that cake? Ahh-Mayyyy-Zing!

2 1024x509 Shepherd Wedding

Peter was excited to see his bride, and Nancy was excited to finally be his Mrs! ♥

The little ones…. I think they were just excited for the big party & everyone in fancy clothes!

Tears were shed, “I do’s” were said, there was a kiss… and we all went outside to celebrate!

3 copy1 1024x832 Shepherd Wedding

The entire wedding party were ready for some fun. Organized fun in front of the camera? Well, that may not have been what everyone had in mind… but they rallied for Peter & Nacy’s sake, got some fun shots, got a little goofy, and had some good laughs throughout.

What more can a girl with a camera ask for?

4 1024x512 Shepherd Wedding

Well, besides this?!?

The dance floor was HUGE, but DJ Gene DuPuis played what they wanted to hear, and kept it full throughout the entire night! Friends and family didn’t need any kind of coercion to dance the night away!


Congratulations Peter & Nancy!

Thank you for letting me be a part of this important day in your lives! It was a blast, and we should totally do it again! Vow renewals? Like, every year? ;)


Ceremony & reception @ Jones River Trading in Kingston, MA

Music and entertainment by 
DJ Gene DuPuis

Flowers by The Candy Jar in Pembroke, MA

Cake by Kim Torchio - Head chef & manager at the bakery at the 
Marina Bay Marketplace

Hair by Charlene Standish and Jen Guilford

Make-up by Jillian Harwich of 
Make-up by Jillian


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July 10, 2012 Mr & Mrs Dawson

After a series of back and forth emails, and a move up from Texas, I was so happy to finally meet Scott and Stacy and have the opportunity to discuss their wedding vision with them.  They’re a laid back, fun couple, who are very much in love. Their wedding was sure to reflect that, and I was happy to be able to capture it all for them!


Caitlin, a good friend of Scott and Stacy’s, and first time wedding officiant through a one day marriage designation, led the ceremony. The day continued to be even more personalized and special as Scott and Stacy read vows they had written to each other.

Storyboard 20x10 template LBL copy2 1024x512 Mr & Mrs Dawson

The wedding party consisted of a great group of friends, cousins & siblings, who all played key roles in making the day more and more special.

DSC 1662 1 copy Mr & Mrs Dawson

Seriously, can you feel the love?

Storyboard 20x10 template BLL 1024x512 Mr & Mrs Dawson

They opened the dance floor with a sweet first dance…

PTM FB Template Personal 41 1024x396 Mr & Mrs Dawson

and the celebration began!

5 1024x1024 Mr & Mrs Dawson


 What an amazing day! I’m so glad to have been able to capture it all!

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Dawson!

Venue – TJ Smith’s Victorian House – East Bridgewater, MA

Ceremony Music - The Mozart Academy of Music - Weston, MA

DJ – Doug Folsom

Cake – Gingerbread House Bakery - Whitman, MA, Kathy (781)447-3870

Flowers – Art in Bloom – by Renata, Middleboro, MA (508)496-3130

Make Up – KrisMarcBrides - Contact Kristin





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Sorry, it had to be said, or, sung.

(You know i sung the words out loud as I was typing… Plus, who can sing that one line without continuing on to sing… START AGAIIIIIIN!)

Moving on.

I recently photographed the wedding of Jen & Joe;

Mr & Mrs White.

Jen and I met, and discussed her wedding plans at length.  I was so in love with her wedding colors, venue, and all the ideas she had for her wedding… I was ready to ask to be a bridesmaid instead!
The wedding was going to be beautiful, and fun, and best of all, she gave me full creative freedom with all of the posing for the day. Talk about kid in a candy store!!!  Yahoooooo!!

 Jen was a beautiful bride; even while sticking her tongue out & giving cross eyes to all who helped prep her for the day!  She was determined to add some of her own originality to her wedding day…. and she did just that!!
It was awesome!

1 ...nice day for a, White Wedding!


I didn’t meet Joe until the wedding day. After a quick, “which one of you is the Groom?”, we were off to a great start! He was a bit nervous I think, and on the quiet side, but also so very nice and accommodating.

I was even able to convince him to get goofy in a picture or two for me!




2 ...nice day for a, White Wedding!

The couple decided to have a “First Look”, where they exchanged gifts and a (semi) private moment before their ceremony. It was amazing to be able to capture, and they both later agreed that it helped “take the edge off” as far as nerves before the ceremony.

DSC 0916 2 1024x678 ...nice day for a, White Wedding!

Both Jen and Joe have fabulous friends & family, and a wedding party who were ready & willing to do whatever was asked of them!  (Including grinning through the chills to get some fun shots! Thank you all!!!!)

3 ...nice day for a, White Wedding!

Everything turned out beautifully, and a great time was had by all!

DSC 1237 1 1024x678 ...nice day for a, White Wedding!

What more could you ask for?

Credits to:

Ceremony & Reception Venue:  Spring Valley Country Club, Sharon MA  

DJ:  DJ Tommy with Barry Productions

Florist:  Judy Duffy from Judy’s Florist



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November 15, 2011 Happy tears…

I know you’ve all been waiting for this breakdown!

I recently photographed Nicole & Ben’s Wedding.

There’s so much to say about that day and about them, a blog post just doesn’t seem like enough, but that’s what I have to work with, so I’m going to give it a try!

Nicole, as I’m sure you remember, is a very close friend of mine. She and Ben are both the kind of friends who feel so much more like family.  It was so much fun being able to help and be involved in the planning of such a special day for the two of them- plus it was just another excuse to hang out even more often!    When the day finally came, it all just felt so surreal.

DSC 7214 copy Happy tears...


Nicole was so calm and collected.

All the bridesmaids met in the morning to get hair & makeup done and continued on together throughout the day.

Mothers of both the Bride & Groom popped in and out, dropping things off, offering help and food, and joining to get ready.

1 Happy tears...Nicole was such an unbelievably beautiful bride. Her Bridesmaids looked amazing as well, each wearing a different style dress of the same color.


I was able to join up with Ben & his Groomsmen as well.

 Ben said that he felt pretty calm and relaxed too.


2 Happy tears...

Somehow, the guys managed to rally together & get dressed in time for a few pictures before the limo arrived.

Look at that handsome bunch!  All primped & pretty!


The ceremony started off with a wave of happy tears throughout.

DSC 7517 copy Happy tears...

And by wave, I mean Tsunami.

There was barely a dry eye in the place!

(I was happy to hide my happy sobs behind my camera!)


They shared heartfelt moments, meaningful vows…

3 Happy tears...… and a victory dance, with friends and family.


We played at the beach for a bit…

(In November, yes!)

DSC 7647 Happy tears...

4 Happy tears...

…there was singing and dancing…

5 Happy tears...

…even a bouquet death match!

DSC 8206 1 copy Happy tears...

I’m pretty sure everyone had an amazing time!

DSC 8210 copy Happy tears...

I know I certainly did!

DSC 8278 1 copy Happy tears...


Nicole & Ben, I’m so happy for the both of you!

Thank you so much for entrusting me with such an important day in the start of your lives together!

I wish you both a lifetime of happiness – and little Jesse babies. =)

Love you both!









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Sean & Melissa are a couple more important threads in my “sweater”. (what the heck am I talking about?!  Check here.)  We met through previous clients, who were their friends, who were also related to past co-workers of mine…. the circle of life goes on!

I got to spend some time with them during an engagement session at the park where Sean had proposed, and we’ve exchanged emails and met up over the past year, leading up to this day;

Their Wedding day.

I’d checked the weather forecast about ten times the day before… each time I think it predicted a higher chance of rain than the time before.  I ran out in search of a nice umbrella and found this cool looking clear one that had a really different shape to it.  I was warming up to the idea of rainy day Wedding.  The ceremony & reception were both indoors, and if I could just sneak in a few shots outside we’d absolutely be able to make the most of it!

I woke up the next morning, and first thing, I checked the weather; silently praying that thunderstorms or something had been added the the forecast through the night!  The rain prediction was all but gone!  Slim to none!  The morning was wet & dreary, but it was supposed to just get better & better!

It did just that!

DSC 5313 1024x678 Not a raindrop in sight!

What a beautiful day to be Married!

I’m so grateful to have been able to be a part of this day!  It was so much fun from start to finish!

From hanging out with Sean & his Groomsmen,

1 853x1024 Not a raindrop in sight!

rushing to get to Melissa and her Bridesmaids,

4 Not a raindrop in sight!

enjoying a beautiful ceremony,

DSC 53971 1024x557 Not a raindrop in sight!

following the Limo to the reception while it bounced (especially at that red light!) to the beat of the music,

laughing and attempting to pull off some acrobatics during our time for “formals”,

DSC 5678 1 1024x627 Not a raindrop in sight!

quieter moments,

3 Not a raindrop in sight!

DSC 5776 678x1024 Not a raindrop in sight!

heartfelt toasts by the Maid of Honor & Best Man (complete with a lesson on “Bro-mance”),

Bouquet & Garter tosses, cake cutting, Mother/Son-Father/Daughter moments,

dancing, dancing, dancing…

SO much fun & dancing, Icouldn’t possibly share it all!

A wonderful time was absolutely had by all!

DSC 6233 1024x535 Not a raindrop in sight!

Congratulations to the both of you!

Thank you for letting me be a part of such a special day in your lives!

Special Thanks to:

John Zucco from Entertainment Specialists for keeping everyone on the dance floor and having fun!
It was great working with you again!

Dick Osso from Digital Video Productions.
It was great to meet you & a pleasure to work with you!

The Halifax Country Club and all of their helpful staff.

St Mary’s Church of Plymouth and Father Schatzel

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