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November 17, 2014 Downey Wedding

Ryan and Lauren chose to have a longer engagement, so when they’d call to secure their date with me, it seemed so far away! Since meeting last year for their engagement session however, the time just seemed to fly, and Wedding Day was upon us! I couldn’t have been happier, as I knew that the fun shots we were able to get for their engagement session were just a preview of the fun and surprises in store for their Wedding Day!

Here’s a quick look back!

DSC 5382 copy1 1024x705 Downey Wedding

Wedding Day:

Ryan actually started off the surprises with a pre-wedding gift; a beautiful necklace that Lauren ended up wearing down the aisle. She hadn’t chosen a necklace to wear with her dress, and this one fit and complimented it so perfectly. It was a perfect surprise.

Lauren had a couple of surprises planned for the night. First, she surprised Ryan, and all of her guests, with an Elvis impersonator to sing their first dance song. The grin on both of their faces as they danced was perfect. Next, another surprise of the singing variety; this time Lauren, with a solo of her own. She beautifully sung to Ryan, and all of their guests, and then  excitedly announced the opening the dance floor.

Top all of that off with funny and heartfelt toasts, a beautifully decorated “Fall in Love” themed venue, a fantastic DJ who kept the dance floor filled, and a super fun photo booth – it was a fantastic night for all!!

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57 1024x512 Downey Wedding

59 1024x512 Downey Wedding

58 1024x512 Downey Wedding

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64 1024x512 Downey Wedding

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62 1024x682 Downey Wedding

65 853x1024 Downey Wedding

Congratulations Ryan & Lauren!

I’m thankful to have been able to capture such a beautiful day in the start of your lives as Mr & Mrs!

♥                         ♥                         ♥


The Verve Crowne Plaza, Natick, MA

Spike Entertainment‘s DJ Mike Shaw