October 17, 2014 Moore Wedding

Upon first meeting Steven & Jennifer, it was clear that they adored each other.

They just had this way about them, where they spoke with such love to one another, and always asked for the other’s opinion or input. We discussed their Wedding plans, which they’d already gotten pretty much all figured out, swooned over their adorable daughter Allison for a little bit, and that was that! They were booked, and before we all knew it, Wedding Day was quickly upon us!

While following, watching, and capturing different moments throughout their day, it came to me, that it was each of their selflessness that made them such an adorable and loving couple. While Jennifer wondered how Steven was doing, he was inquiring about her as well, making sure she was happy and well taken care of. Their selflessness extended even beyond each other, worrying over guests running into traffic, and the comfort of their family that awaited the ceremony. Jennifer, even fully dressed and ready to go, noticed her daughter struggling to fall asleep,  just slipped out of her gown to nurse her without the slightest hesitation.

It was just beautiful that during this day, where you’re allowed to be a bit more self absorbed and be catered to, each of them just couldn’t function in that way.

What wonderful people to have in your lives.

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Congratulations Steven & Jennifer!

Thank you for allowing me to share in your day!