October 9, 2014 Maher Wedding

I’m thankful to have been able to get to know Michael & Tara a little more through their engagement session and our preparation meetings. The warm, loving way they’d look at each other while in conversation, even at our first meeting, had me anticipating catching their discreet looks and moments during their Wedding ceremony.

They certainly didn’t disappoint, as there were many of those sweet moments to capture throughout the day.

My favorite part of all (besides the watermelon sours at the candy bar!) was the fact that they’d chosen a daytime wedding. With the reception ending in the early evening, we had some time to sneak out afterward and get some fantastic shots on the waterfront. With the reception over, all worries, anticipations and time constraints were off, and that allowed Michael and Tara to relax and have a bit more fun!

It was great!

Even if they thought I was a little crazy….

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34 1024x512 Maher Wedding

35 1024x512 Maher Wedding

36 678x1024 Maher Wedding

40 1024x512 Maher Wedding

372 1024x512 Maher Wedding

38 1024x678 Maher Wedding

39 1024x512 Maher Wedding

Congratulations Michael & Tara!

♥                     ♥                    ♥


St Mary’s Church, Plymouth MA

Isaac’s, Plymouth MA

DJ Gene Dupuis, Plymouth MA