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October 24, 2014 Towery Wedding

Travis and Adrienne are a fun loving, laid back couple, who are full of surprises, and I love it!!

I started the day with them getting ready in Adrienne’s family home. The house was filled with parents, aunts, siblings, cousins and friends… and of course their little Maddison. There were countless smiles, plenty of laughter and many helpful hands throughout the house. Somehow, despite the many eyes searching in anticipation of the groom’s arrival, he nearly got away with slipping in through the back door – but was quickly shoo’ed out to await their ‘first look’ with the proper audience.

46 1024x512 Towery Wedding

47 1024x512 Towery Wedding

50 1024x881 Towery Wedding

If there was anything better than the smile on Travis face when he saw Adrienne, it would be their little Maddi watching them through the window. Adorable.

48 1024x512 Towery Wedding

53 1024x512 Towery Wedding

The ceremony, led by Adrienne’s Uncle, followed soon after. Travis & Maddison came down the aisle together. When announced that “we’re gathered here to unite Travis & Adrienne in marriage”, Maddison cheered from her seat. Heartfelt vows were exchanged, a few tears shed, a surprise poem written by Adrienne as a young girl was read, and then some more tears.

It was beautiful.

54 1024x512 Towery Wedding

55 1024x600 Towery Wedding

Then they said, the most nerve wracking part of the day wasn’t over yet.


49 1024x512 Towery Wedding

51 1024x512 Towery Wedding

Travis and Adrienne took dancing lessons leading up to their Wedding day. Their first dance was no typical first dance at all. They had a dance number and were about to show everyone some fancy footwork!

52 1024x512 Towery Wedding

They. Were. Fantastic!

Guests stood in awe, cheering with surprise and encouragement. If everyone hadn’t already been standing, they would have definitely given a standing ovation as well!

♥                    ♥                   ♥

Travis & Adrienne, congratulations!

Thank you for entrusting me with capturing your Wedding day!


Jones River Trading, Kingston MA

DJ Jeff Baker, Plymouth MA

Cake and Cupcakes by Sugar Plum Bakery, Kingston MA

Flowers by Stevens the Florist, Plymouth MA

Dress from Vows, Watertown MA

Tuxedo from Men’s Wearhouse

October 17, 2014 Moore Wedding

Upon first meeting Steven & Jennifer, it was clear that they adored each other.

They just had this way about them, where they spoke with such love to one another, and always asked for the other’s opinion or input. We discussed their Wedding plans, which they’d already gotten pretty much all figured out, swooned over their adorable daughter Allison for a little bit, and that was that! They were booked, and before we all knew it, Wedding Day was quickly upon us!

While following, watching, and capturing different moments throughout their day, it came to me, that it was each of their selflessness that made them such an adorable and loving couple. While Jennifer wondered how Steven was doing, he was inquiring about her as well, making sure she was happy and well taken care of. Their selflessness extended even beyond each other, worrying over guests running into traffic, and the comfort of their family that awaited the ceremony. Jennifer, even fully dressed and ready to go, noticed her daughter struggling to fall asleep,  just slipped out of her gown to nurse her without the slightest hesitation.

It was just beautiful that during this day, where you’re allowed to be a bit more self absorbed and be catered to, each of them just couldn’t function in that way.

What wonderful people to have in your lives.

44 1024x721 Moore Wedding

411 1024x512 Moore Wedding

42 1024x704 Moore Wedding

45 1024x721 Moore Wedding

43 1024x512 Moore Wedding

Congratulations Steven & Jennifer!

Thank you for allowing me to share in your day!

October 9, 2014 Maher Wedding

I’m thankful to have been able to get to know Michael & Tara a little more through their engagement session and our preparation meetings. The warm, loving way they’d look at each other while in conversation, even at our first meeting, had me anticipating catching their discreet looks and moments during their Wedding ceremony.

They certainly didn’t disappoint, as there were many of those sweet moments to capture throughout the day.

My favorite part of all (besides the watermelon sours at the candy bar!) was the fact that they’d chosen a daytime wedding. With the reception ending in the early evening, we had some time to sneak out afterward and get some fantastic shots on the waterfront. With the reception over, all worries, anticipations and time constraints were off, and that allowed Michael and Tara to relax and have a bit more fun!

It was great!

Even if they thought I was a little crazy….

33 1024x512 Maher Wedding

34 1024x512 Maher Wedding

35 1024x512 Maher Wedding

36 678x1024 Maher Wedding

40 1024x512 Maher Wedding

372 1024x512 Maher Wedding

38 1024x678 Maher Wedding

39 1024x512 Maher Wedding

Congratulations Michael & Tara!

♥                     ♥                    ♥


St Mary’s Church, Plymouth MA

Isaac’s, Plymouth MA

DJ Gene Dupuis, Plymouth MA

October 1, 2014 Carlo Wedding

I was so excited to have the opportunity to capture Matt & Stacey’s Wedding Day!

Stacey and I had worked together about six years ago, at a photography studio incidentally, and after leaving that company, had bumped into each other on only a few occasions since. They were usually pretty remarkable occasions, like when Matt’s band played at a local place downtown, or when they both met me with a donation for a gift basket for a little boy with cancer…

I’m glad to add another remarkable occasion like their Wedding Day to be able to ‘bump into them’ again!

Both Matt and Stacey really wanted to stay true to who they are on their Wedding day….

That meant something more casual and relaxed, handcrafted, surrounded by family, with the shortest possible amount of time focused on them, and of course, Transformers….

I’d say they achieved that! ♥

27 1024x512 Carlo Wedding




28 1024x512 Carlo Wedding





32 1024x512 Carlo Wedding




30 1024x819 Carlo Wedding




31 1024x512 Carlo Wedding


Congratulations to the new Mr & Mrs Matt & Stacey Carlo!

Thank you for allowing me to capture this day for you! ♥