October 19, 2013 Westhaver Wedding

Weddings, what can I say…. I’m always so excited and just completely honored to be entrusted to capture such a special day in your life’s history. All the planning that comes down to this one day, the excitement, the nerves, the pretty people… and most importantly, the LOVE! Its so perfect when not only can you feel the love at a wedding…but you can see it! The sweet glances and gestures… gahhh I just love it; and I get to stand by and capture it all!

Erik & Krista’s Wedding day was no exception to all of the above!

Though the morning started out a little rough and unexpected for the girls, they all rallied around Krista, and Krista around them, and really enjoyed every moment of the day with laughs and smiles.

W1 1024x512 Westhaver Wedding

Even in the rain!

w2 1024x678 Westhaver Wedding


The ceremony followed suit, full of smiles and laughter, beautiful people…. and of course, so much love!

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The reception was filled with even more sentiments of love, as their first dance started with special pre-recorded messages to each other, the Best Man and Maid of Honor shared memories and good advice, and Erik even grabbed the mic and sang his heart out to his new bride… & when the night was nearly over, they decided to change things up and celebrate in style!

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♥     ♥     ♥


Music: DJ Red

Cake: White’s Bakery