February 25, 2013 What’s going on?!

Well helloooooo!

Have you missed me? I’ve certainly missed hearing from all of you!! I’ve been super neglectful in my postings and blogging this year…not the best way to start out the year, I know! Howeeeeeever, I do have good reason!!


I really tried to use January as a catch-up and catch my breath month.  Catch up on editing, on Albums, on housework! Plenty of time after that, right? Wrong! Then came the storms. The power outages, school closings, school delays… ALL no good for anyone! I hope you all fared well, and weren’t without power for too long! We invited the in-law’s over and all hunkered down by the wood stove. We even cooked some pretty delicious meals on it too! It was kind of fun… for a little while anyway. Let’s just say we were a little ecstatic when NStar came & saved the day! It’s the little things, like a bathroom light, that really make my day I guess. ;) It doesn’t end there though…. Then there’s February vacation! That just basically piggy backed onto the school closings and delays, and for a while there everything just felt like groundhog day! We did manage to get some fun time in with the kids, go sledding, have a couple of sleep overs, and even get a little cleaning done, so don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t terrible… just not ideal for a work from home momma. I can’t say that I’m not loooooooving this quiet time I have right now though! (time that I just noticed is quickly coming to an end! Whyyyyyy?!)

I also managed to fit in a few photo sessions within all that chaos, that you have yet to see a peek of! I think they deserve a blog post of their own though, so I’ll have to keep you in suspense for just a bit longer! Sorry!


Ok, last but not least on my list of ‘reasons for neglecting you through my lack of social media use’…..

You ready for it? Can i get a drumroll or something?

I’m working on my studio!! Yep, you heard read it right!  Between the catching up and the storms, and school vacations, we’ve moved my entire office and equipment to the new space! I’ve managed to claim the perfect area in my house, and though it needs some  finish work, and some major organizing & redecorating, at some point this year, it should be up and running!! I’m very excited & can’t wait to announce my first availability for an in-studio session! Eeek!!


Now let me know what’s up with you! Fill me in! What have you been up to! Any good storm stories? Let’s catch up!