Brian and Jodi celebrated their wedding day on October 12, 2002.

I didn’t know them then. We met shortly after the birth of their first born, and seemed to see a whole lot of each other since then!

Not only does Jodi like to get pictures of her children often, she also has all these great ideas, props, and sometimes even costumes to incorporate.  Brian is always such a good sport about it all, (just don’t make him get dirty!), and all three of the kids have been at it since birth. It’s like second nature to them!

DSC 4358 2 LaFountain Family Anniversary

When we met this day, Jodi had the car filled with props and wardrobe changes, and was showing me all these ideas she’d ‘Pinned’.  Brian had that ‘here we go’ grin, and the kids were ready to just hit the beach running!

The phrase of the day was “Only you Jodi!”

DSC 4577 2 LaFountain Family Anniversary

From there on, there was posing, swinging, running, monkey bar climbing, running in the water, jumping off picnic tables, a whole lot of laughter, and most importantly….

DSC 4606 1 1024x1020 LaFountain Family Anniversary

…a love that’s stemmed even further back than the 10 years they’ll soon be celebrating!

Happy Anniversary Brian & Jodi!!

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