September 4, 2012 Plymouth South Senior

I recently had the pleasure of getting together with Joshua for his senior session.

I actually remember the day Joshua was born, and have had the pleasure to watch him grow into the amazing young man he is today.

 He’s my youngest brother.

DSC 3254 3 1024x678 Plymouth South Senior

We had a lot of laughs, walking through Ellisville State Park and looking for little nooks and areas to photograph in.

DSC 3254 2 1024x678 Plymouth South Senior

I’m sure Josh is still laughing at the “cool looking trees” I wanted him to stand by….   “Amy, that’s Poison Oak…”


These were some well groomed poison oak  trees!

DSC 3213 1 1024x678 Plymouth South Senior

All in all, it was just a great time, hanging out and being goofy….

Definitely another great memory made.

Of course, I wouldn’t being doing my job as his big sister if I didn’t add a funny little blooper.

I’ll spare you all, and just choose one of the many!

We’re just a goofy kind of family! ;)

DSC 3239 1024x819 Plymouth South Senior

Love you Josh!

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