September 19, 2012 Galligan Family

I recently had the pleasure of getting to hang out at the beach with the Galligan family.

It’s been about 3 years since the last time we got together for some pictures, so I was more than happy to be able to get together again and see how much the kids have grown!
And boy had they grown!

DSC 4291 1024x678 Galligan Family

 We moved along the beach pretty quickly, trying to keep each pose more like a ‘new adventure’ for little sister.

I couldn’t have done it without big brother and sister to help me out every step of the way!

DSC 4234 1 1024x678 Galligan Family

One “adventure” was, well, maybe not completely thought out…. and may have fallen apart in slow motion….

DSC 4303 1 1024x678 Galligan Family

You see it, i know you do…. step, step….SPLAT!


What’s a little mud between family?! Right?

We rallied, cheered, and encouraged…. again, with the help of big brother & sister…

DSC 4275 1 1024x678 Galligan Family

 …and when all was said and done, everyone was still smiling!

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