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September 25, 2012 Spataro Wedding

Have I mentioned lately how much I love weddings?

Matt & Kerin’s beach-side Falmouth Wedding was certainly no exception!

The day was just perfection, from start to finish!

From the adorable Cape home where all the girls gathered to get ready…

the flowers, the dress…

DSC 3317 Spataro Wedding

their beautiful ceremony on the beach…

DSC 3483 1024x516 Spataro Wedding

quality time with the VIP’s;

a great mix of  friends & family, and friends that are like  family…

DSC 3562 1024x1020 Spataro Wedding

great music, food, guests…

& a whole lotta dancing!

DSC 4187 2 1024x941 Spataro Wedding

What an amazing day!

Matt & Kerin, thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of such a special day in your lives!


The Details:

Ceremony & Reception:
The Falmouth Yacht Club

Beautiful Flowers:
Roche Bothers 

Party Starter:
DJ Joe Dupuis from In Tune Productions

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September 19, 2012 Galligan Family

I recently had the pleasure of getting to hang out at the beach with the Galligan family.

It’s been about 3 years since the last time we got together for some pictures, so I was more than happy to be able to get together again and see how much the kids have grown!
And boy had they grown!

DSC 4291 1024x678 Galligan Family

 We moved along the beach pretty quickly, trying to keep each pose more like a ‘new adventure’ for little sister.

I couldn’t have done it without big brother and sister to help me out every step of the way!

DSC 4234 1 1024x678 Galligan Family

One “adventure” was, well, maybe not completely thought out…. and may have fallen apart in slow motion….

DSC 4303 1 1024x678 Galligan Family

You see it, i know you do…. step, step….SPLAT!


What’s a little mud between family?! Right?

We rallied, cheered, and encouraged…. again, with the help of big brother & sister…

DSC 4275 1 1024x678 Galligan Family

 …and when all was said and done, everyone was still smiling!

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September 4, 2012 Plymouth South Senior

I recently had the pleasure of getting together with Joshua for his senior session.

I actually remember the day Joshua was born, and have had the pleasure to watch him grow into the amazing young man he is today.

 He’s my youngest brother.

DSC 3254 3 1024x678 Plymouth South Senior

We had a lot of laughs, walking through Ellisville State Park and looking for little nooks and areas to photograph in.

DSC 3254 2 1024x678 Plymouth South Senior

I’m sure Josh is still laughing at the “cool looking trees” I wanted him to stand by….   “Amy, that’s Poison Oak…”


These were some well groomed poison oak  trees!

DSC 3213 1 1024x678 Plymouth South Senior

All in all, it was just a great time, hanging out and being goofy….

Definitely another great memory made.

Of course, I wouldn’t being doing my job as his big sister if I didn’t add a funny little blooper.

I’ll spare you all, and just choose one of the many!

We’re just a goofy kind of family! ;)

DSC 3239 1024x819 Plymouth South Senior

Love you Josh!

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