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August 30, 2012 Marshfield Senior

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Joy, and her son Marcus for a Senior photo session.

Since he lives right by the ocean and the dunes, we didn’t have to go far to find his first favorite location. As in, we crossed the street.  What a view from your front door!!  LOVEloveLOVE!!

DSC 3027 1 678x1024 Marshfield Senior

We did, however, trek up and over and through the sand dunes looking around at different areas and angles, and -OH MY!- I felt like I’d signed up for a beach boot camp!!  Marcus was amazingly able to put on the best, most genuine smile in between the huffing and puffing we were both doing from our workout.  Amazing, really!

We did manage to find areas to rest, and talk, and smile, and even a shady spot to feel the breeze for a little bit.

DSC 3076 1024x678 Marshfield Senior

When we left I had my very only ankle weights – about a pound of sand in each pant cuff, and my feet were totally exfoliated!

Oh, how I love multitasking!!

Our next location was the Veteran’s Memorial Park; a little easier terrain and nice and shady.

We did share the small area with another photographer in a senior session, but since they were sort of ‘frolicking’ and that wasn’t exactly on our agenda, we managed to share the area well, while getting all that we needed! ;)

DSC 3122 1024x678 Marshfield Senior

We timed ourselves perfectly too, as the lighting was just amazing for us at the park!

I had a great time! Boot camp and all! ;) Just wait until you see the rest!

Stay tuned!

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