July 26, 2012 Shepherd Wedding

This wedding felt like a long time coming (for me anyway, & I’m just the photographer! Ha!), then suddenly -BAM!- it was wedding day! Woohoo!

I’d met with Nancy about a year ago to sip some coffee, get to know eachother, and discuss her wedding vision and plans. Really, she had me with just the mention of her venue. Well, that and coffee… but mostly the venue; The Jones River Trading. LOOOOOOVE IT!

Soon after I met Peter and their two little cuties for a ‘Save the Date’ session. We emailed back and forth throughout the year, I may have Pinterest stalked her a bit, and then we met again a couple weeks before the wedding to go over final details. So much thoughtful planning and preparation went into this day & I just couldn’t wait to get my camera on all the action!

The day started early, but time just flew! Nancy & the girls got ready at her parents house. The neighborhood that watched her grow up and grew up with her, all seem to all be anxiously awaiting wedding time!
Luckily, good company is the perfect way to pass the time!

The Jones River was beautiful as always…

1 1024x568 Shepherd Wedding

….and that cake? Ahh-Mayyyy-Zing!

2 1024x509 Shepherd Wedding

Peter was excited to see his bride, and Nancy was excited to finally be his Mrs! ♥

The little ones…. I think they were just excited for the big party & everyone in fancy clothes!

Tears were shed, “I do’s” were said, there was a kiss… and we all went outside to celebrate!

3 copy1 1024x832 Shepherd Wedding

The entire wedding party were ready for some fun. Organized fun in front of the camera? Well, that may not have been what everyone had in mind… but they rallied for Peter & Nacy’s sake, got some fun shots, got a little goofy, and had some good laughs throughout.

What more can a girl with a camera ask for?

4 1024x512 Shepherd Wedding

Well, besides this?!?

The dance floor was HUGE, but DJ Gene DuPuis played what they wanted to hear, and kept it full throughout the entire night! Friends and family didn’t need any kind of coercion to dance the night away!


Congratulations Peter & Nancy!

Thank you for letting me be a part of this important day in your lives! It was a blast, and we should totally do it again! Vow renewals? Like, every year? ;)


Ceremony & reception @ Jones River Trading in Kingston, MA

Music and entertainment by 
DJ Gene DuPuis

Flowers by The Candy Jar in Pembroke, MA

Cake by Kim Torchio - Head chef & manager at the bakery at the 
Marina Bay Marketplace

Hair by Charlene Standish and Jen Guilford

Make-up by Jillian Harwich of 
Make-up by Jillian


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