July 31, 2012 Baby Miller

For all those who know me, even just a little bit, you know how much I loooooove getting my baby fixes in!
I just can’t get enough of those tiny little hands & feet and all the wrinkled up skin…. even those little seagull cries… Gahhh! I just love em!

Good thing other people keep having them! ;)

I was lucky enough to get to meet this little guy over the weekend.  He totally met all my expectations with his tiny little hands and feet and little man wrinkles… Oh, and the cry! I could listen to it all day! (Is that weird? Maybe a little…)

DSC 2997 1 1024x678 Baby Miller

He was the perfect little Mr!

He did cry, as babies do, but only in short spurts and was easy to calm.

DSC 3004 11 1024x759 Baby Miller


He gave me such a variety of expressions too! This little man’s got personality bursting from that 4 week old body! He wanted to give me a big ol toothy grin, I could tell, but he was a little self conscious, i think, that he didn’t have any teeth to fill the grin…. ;)

DSC 2993 1 1024x678 Baby Miller

That’s ok, next time buddy.

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