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{I’m a little behind on the blogging, but this rain is forcing a catch-up! Hooray!}

I was super excited to be able to get together with one of my favorite families to catch some shots for Dad, as a gift for Father’s Day! We met at their favorite beach, and planned to just catch them having fun!

DSC 1460 819x1024 Photos for Fathers Day!


This proved to be a little more difficult than I’d first imagined… my little buddies were a little less interested in laughing and playing with me, and more interested in running in the water & rock jumping – all while looking in whatever direction I was NOT! Haha!

DSC 1469 1 1024x678 Photos for Fathers Day!

 I did mange to squeeze out some giggles, and glances though, and catching them being themselves was perfect!

DSC 1473 1024x678 Photos for Fathers Day!


DSC 1487 1 819x1024 Photos for Fathers Day!

In the end, while I was worried we might have ended up with less than a hand full of usable shots, I ended up with plenty of images that just melted my heart!!

DSC 1480 1 678x1024 Photos for Fathers Day!

 Oh, & I guess Dad ended up with a pretty nice Father’s Day gift as well! ;)

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