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It’s March, and we’re at the beach… sleeveless, warm and tanning.  What a crazy Winter it’s been!

Ok, so maybe I’m exaggerating a bit about the warm part.  Also, I might have been wearing a sweatshirt and a jacket, and let’s face it – I could probably be on the sun and still wouldn’t tan… but I totally could have taken my coat off.

Everyone seems to have cool “my [insert plant name here] bloomed all winter long – what crazy weather we’re having” stories.  Well I don’t garden.  My plants died long before winter happened (or didn’t happen).  Frolicking at the beach in early March without scarves, winter boots and wind burn is my cool story!

I met Matt & Kerin beachside, and they were actually the brave, bare armed ones.  While it wasn’t warm, it also wan’t freezing.  Plus, we practically hiked the beach, so Matt & Kerin were able to keep fairly warm.  We had some fun and made the most of the sunshine and just all around beautiful weather…. but most importantly of all – we got some great shots!

Here are some teasers;

DSC 0713 copy First beach session of the year!

DSC 0557 1 copy First beach session of the year!

DSC 0702 1 copy2 First beach session of the year!

Vanilla Pop copy First beach session of the year!


I had so much fun and am really happy with the images we were able to get!

I can’t wait for that September Wedding!








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