This morning, when supposed to be getting ready for school, my children had other plans.  They were quickly steered right back to my plan, but that doesn’t always happen with kids so easily, does it?

This session started out with plans!  They were fun, they’d look SO cute, and we’d all laugh and have fun and LOVE them in the end!  Totally doable, right?  Haha!

Well, YES.  Totally doable. However,  there were some things we just couldn’t have factored in!

J-man and little S forgot to tell us that there was a very small window in which they’d allow us to attempt our plan.  They were excited too, but they only planned on being excited  for precisely 15 minutes, and that would be combined – not a full succession of minutes. They also held veto power over any and all ideas in the plan.  They would have fun – on the swings.  They would laugh – while running away.  S would look perfectly petite and cute – while tossing us her flowery headband. J-man would take family pictures – on his Harley scooter.

Believe it or not, this is not really uncommon.  Most parents feel like it is, and are so embarrassed and apologetic, much like Mom was during this session, so I thought I should just air it all out there!

In fact, most often in these scenarios, we already got the best images  - right in the first five minutes!

(the kids must sense it – or have some x-ray vision for camera’s!)

DSC 6543 2 1024x678 When your children have other plans....


This was, of course, an image at the very beginning of our session (you can tell because S has her headband on! lol).

We got a few more different poses that came out great as well, but i’m going to tease you with just this one!

All in all?  A good and productive session where we got just what we were looking for!


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