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Yes, I’m singing a Justin Bieber song.  I blame that on my 10 year olds….

But speaking of Baby….. !!!!

I’ve got the cutest, cuddliest, wrinkly little old man-ish, little weeeeee bundle to let you peek at today!!

(if you’ve got a case of the Mondays, here’s your cure!!)

I met Mom & Dad while he was still baking.  We got some great maternity shots then, and discussed getting some shots of “little B” once he made his arrival.  Hello?!  Yes please!! I couldn’t wait!!

Maybe this “After & Before” will jog your memory…

12 1024x819 And I was like, Baby, baby, baby, ooh.....


This little guy decided to keep cozy and hidden from the world 6 days longer than he was due, so I was SOO happy to finally be able to get my camera hands on him, as I’m sure Mom & Dad were too!

He was the perfect little boy at just 12 days old!

Awake for half the session,

DSC 6907 1 1024x678 And I was like, Baby, baby, baby, ooh.....

and dozed for the other half…

DSC 6954 1 1024x680 And I was like, Baby, baby, baby, ooh.....

…even when I’d move him all around and mess with him, he just dozed!

DSC 6925 1 1024x819 And I was like, Baby, baby, baby, ooh.....

What a good little boy!

Mom & Dad had to practically kick me out.  I could have gazed at his cute little face and held and cuddled  him all day!!

Admit it, you want to cuddle him too!




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This morning, when supposed to be getting ready for school, my children had other plans.  They were quickly steered right back to my plan, but that doesn’t always happen with kids so easily, does it?

This session started out with plans!  They were fun, they’d look SO cute, and we’d all laugh and have fun and LOVE them in the end!  Totally doable, right?  Haha!

Well, YES.  Totally doable. However,  there were some things we just couldn’t have factored in!

J-man and little S forgot to tell us that there was a very small window in which they’d allow us to attempt our plan.  They were excited too, but they only planned on being excited  for precisely 15 minutes, and that would be combined – not a full succession of minutes. They also held veto power over any and all ideas in the plan.  They would have fun – on the swings.  They would laugh – while running away.  S would look perfectly petite and cute – while tossing us her flowery headband. J-man would take family pictures – on his Harley scooter.

Believe it or not, this is not really uncommon.  Most parents feel like it is, and are so embarrassed and apologetic, much like Mom was during this session, so I thought I should just air it all out there!

In fact, most often in these scenarios, we already got the best images  - right in the first five minutes!

(the kids must sense it – or have some x-ray vision for camera’s!)

DSC 6543 2 1024x678 When your children have other plans....


This was, of course, an image at the very beginning of our session (you can tell because S has her headband on! lol).

We got a few more different poses that came out great as well, but i’m going to tease you with just this one!

All in all?  A good and productive session where we got just what we were looking for!


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When I first met this family, Mom was pregnant with the twin girls, and little R was this little shy guy who’d only glance at me in short spurts, when he thought I wasn’t looking!  Dad might be the only one who hasn’t changed much since then! (On the outside anyway – anyone with a daughter knows how much they change a Dad – and he got two of them!)  We’ve gotten together for a few sessions since then, and of course, I’m always amazed at how much everyone has grown.  Well, this session wasn’t any different – at first.  Of course the kids had grown, and Mom and Dad looked great and well rested!

(They’ve got their hands full!)

DSC 6359 1024x706 Fall leaves and Pumpkins and Sunsets   Oh My!

It wasn’t until we were really moving from place to place taking pictures, that it really hit me that little R hadn’t just grown…. he’d turned 3.  This mini-maturity thing hits most 3 year olds, and I just love it! He could have just talked and talked and talked with me all day!  He was totally prepared to show me that he could do whatever was asked of him, and more than willing to hold my hand across the bridges, so we could be safe!  He was such a love with his sisters too; laughing with them, and making them laugh.  He’d put his arm around them anytime he was near them in a picture…..


21 Fall leaves and Pumpkins and Sunsets   Oh My!

His sisters did some “maturing” since I’d last seen them too.  They’re reaching milestones, developing their own unique little characteristic traits… it’s so fun to see.  One cries, the other’s laughing, one needs attention, the other wants to explore!  It’s funny to see how they interact with each other, as well as react to each other.  Plus, I could just squeeze them & tickle and play with them all day!!  I asked big brother if I could just borrow them for a little while, and he said no.  I guess that’s fair.

11 Fall leaves and Pumpkins and Sunsets   Oh My!

I shouldn’t forget to mention, that I brought my oldest son (by a minute, but when you’re a twin, every second counts!) with me, as my “assistant”.  Apparently I wasn’t clear on what exactly he’d be assisting me with…. as he was waiting for his turn with the camera…… lol.  Did I make lugging around my bag and props sound glamorous??  Oops!  Haha!!
I ended up giving him my IPhone to take some pictures with, asked him to watch my back so I didn’t back-step myself right into the water (because someday I’m sure I will!), and just mostly let him do his thing.  Next time I might even bring along my spare camera and let him “second shoot”.  That is, if there is a next time…. he is 10 after all, and he quickly caught on that he was really there to be my bag boy, and wasn’t all together thrilled about it!

In true sharing fashion, here’s one of his sneak peek’s! ;)

photo Fall leaves and Pumpkins and Sunsets   Oh My!

It was, after all, taken with an IPhone…. imagine what the boy could do with a camera that has focusing apparatus!

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Sean & Melissa are a couple more important threads in my “sweater”. (what the heck am I talking about?!  Check here.)  We met through previous clients, who were their friends, who were also related to past co-workers of mine…. the circle of life goes on!

I got to spend some time with them during an engagement session at the park where Sean had proposed, and we’ve exchanged emails and met up over the past year, leading up to this day;

Their Wedding day.

I’d checked the weather forecast about ten times the day before… each time I think it predicted a higher chance of rain than the time before.  I ran out in search of a nice umbrella and found this cool looking clear one that had a really different shape to it.  I was warming up to the idea of rainy day Wedding.  The ceremony & reception were both indoors, and if I could just sneak in a few shots outside we’d absolutely be able to make the most of it!

I woke up the next morning, and first thing, I checked the weather; silently praying that thunderstorms or something had been added the the forecast through the night!  The rain prediction was all but gone!  Slim to none!  The morning was wet & dreary, but it was supposed to just get better & better!

It did just that!

DSC 5313 1024x678 Not a raindrop in sight!

What a beautiful day to be Married!

I’m so grateful to have been able to be a part of this day!  It was so much fun from start to finish!

From hanging out with Sean & his Groomsmen,

1 853x1024 Not a raindrop in sight!

rushing to get to Melissa and her Bridesmaids,

4 Not a raindrop in sight!

enjoying a beautiful ceremony,

DSC 53971 1024x557 Not a raindrop in sight!

following the Limo to the reception while it bounced (especially at that red light!) to the beat of the music,

laughing and attempting to pull off some acrobatics during our time for “formals”,

DSC 5678 1 1024x627 Not a raindrop in sight!

quieter moments,

3 Not a raindrop in sight!

DSC 5776 678x1024 Not a raindrop in sight!

heartfelt toasts by the Maid of Honor & Best Man (complete with a lesson on “Bro-mance”),

Bouquet & Garter tosses, cake cutting, Mother/Son-Father/Daughter moments,

dancing, dancing, dancing…

SO much fun & dancing, Icouldn’t possibly share it all!

A wonderful time was absolutely had by all!

DSC 6233 1024x535 Not a raindrop in sight!

Congratulations to the both of you!

Thank you for letting me be a part of such a special day in your lives!

Special Thanks to:

John Zucco from Entertainment Specialists for keeping everyone on the dance floor and having fun!
It was great working with you again!

Dick Osso from Digital Video Productions.
It was great to meet you & a pleasure to work with you!

The Halifax Country Club and all of their helpful staff.

St Mary’s Church of Plymouth and Father Schatzel

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