Haha!!  It’s funny because it true!  I’ve never really blogged before. I mean, I attempted to start a blog about a year ago, but the focus was hazy, at best, and I ended up blogging up my attempt at weight watchers – which was actually funny at the beginning, then, not so much. It fizzled in about a month. (as did my weight watchers attempt!)

I’d like to think I can do better than that!

I’ve decided to set some goals and guidelines for myself to help me kick this into high gear, and then, well hopefully keep it in any kind of gear at all after that. ;)  I want to share them with all of you, so then it’s ‘out there’,  in the world, for all to see.  That should help keep me accountable, right?


Ok, here goes:

1. I need a clear focus.  In this case, very easy. Done & done! (whew! that was easy!)

2. I need to blog about my recent photo sessions.  I’d like to replace my ‘sneak peek’s’ on my facebook page with a link to a blog post about that session, along with some sneak peaks.

3. Weddings MUST be blogged.  So much goes into that day, so many beautiful images come out of that day, and there are so many fantastic vendors that I’ve been able to meet. I need to share that in much more in depth than a ‘sneak peek’ with all of you, as well as let the Bride and Groom, and all of you, know just how fantastic I thought their day was and why!

4. I recently attended a photography seminar.  If I’d blogged about it, while it was fresh in my mind, then not only would I have shared all that great information, but I would be able to go back and remember it all too!  (Duh!) So lets do that too.

Ok, so there you have it.  This is my new promise to myself, all of you, and this lonely lil blog.

So, ta-ta for now.  I should be back early in the week to tell you about the weekend’s festivities.

Stay tuned!