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I was thinking of titling this blog “Still under Construction”.  Then tried to think of the different areas that I might be referring to…  I think it’s the whole shebang. This blogsite just might be doomed to end up like my house; a constant work in progress, always changing, and new looks and ideas just waiting for the current new looks and ideas to be completed!  That’s actually totally fitting for a website/blogsite.  (right?)  My house, on the other hand….ehhh.  ;)  I’ll stop myself right there on the house talk!  Another day, another blog!

So, (focus…)what do you do when you’re all moved into your new pad, everything’s in its place (maybe not a permanent place, but at least you’re unpacked…), and you’re finally thinking, “This place is really starting to look just the way I want it to”   ????

You throw a house warming Blogsite warming party!!

*what the heck is a Blogsite warming party?!*

I have no idea!! Just come on over, and bring your friends!  You can check everything out, leave me some comment love….  Helpful tips and constructive criticism are totally more than welcome and appreciated! I neeeeed your praises & approval!! Haha!! (no seriously.)

Best part is, I don’t even have to cook!!

It’s a friday anyway.  Even if you are at work, you know you’re slackin and already counting down the hours…  ;)  So come! And please, (please, please, please) bring your friends!


I should also be giving my apologies to the lovely groomsmen at the top of this blog page, whose faces are completely covered by my Logo/Title!!  Haha!!  I promise, it’s not because you lost a beauty contest!! I haven’t yet figured out how to change the image size options, or placement options so that they don’t get stuck under there!!

August 1, 2011 Under Construction!!

Hey everyone!!

Thanks to I’ve got this fantastic new blogsite to customize & make my own!  No worries, I’ll be fully integrated with my existing website we all know & love!   (right?) ;)

So, for now please excuse the empty pages and spaces and all…. it’ll all be filled up soon enough!!

This is so fun and exciting!!

Thanks for your patience!

LmZ’s Amy V :)